Creating a World of Super Communicators

We're all born with kinesic and paralinguistic skills to express ourselves. TalkMeUp helps people develop and control those skills and align them with the content of the message they want to share. The end result is a more impactfully delivered message that people remember and the basis on which they will take action.

Communication is at the very heart of everything we do

Our Story
TalkMeUp began as an AI-based communication skills solution to help graduate students prepare for presentations, interview with prospective employers, and generally provide a platform to improve communication skills as they moved into the business world. The word spread and TalkMeUp quickly became a hit with university students at all levels. After being used by, and perfected for, students, it became clear that TalkMeUp had a place outside the academic community.
Research showed that organizations of all types and sizes were losing billions of dollars in lost sales, and organizational productivity. TalkMeUp took steps to make our solution commercial-grade ready. The results of this decision proved to be a win-win-win. Our customers have realized measurable improvement in their business outcomes, individuals using TalkMeUp have been empowered, and our company continues to grow. We remain very excited about the future as we continue to serve the market by delivering more products and services to meet the communication skills development needs of people and organizations around the world.
Our Vision
To empower every person and every organization all over the world to effectively communicate their message.
At TalkMeUp, we believe that communication is at the very heart of everything we do. We appreciate that everyone has something important to say in every aspect of their lives, forever. We understand the importance of communication in business and our personal lives. We know that people everywhere want to hear and understand that message.
TalkMeUp is dedicated to the success of the individual and the organization, regardless if they are one and the same.
TalkMeUp is led by a diverse team of technology and business experts who are passionate about the art and science of communication. Our passion for effective communication is dedicated to making our customers successful, and growing our company with best-in-class talent.
Chief Executive Officer
Albert Topdjian
Chief Product Officer
Yi Xu
Chief Technology Officer
Andy Smith
Vice President Sales & Marketing

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