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We had several goals when we started this TalkMeUp blog series late last year. At the top of that list was to avoid sales pitches and emphasize thought leadership in the persuasive communications space. It was vital that we provide consistent value for leaders interested in hearing what we had to say, and based on your feedback, you view us as a trusted resource and learning partner.

We want to make sure we continue to provide valuable content in 2024. Therefore, we want to hear from you.

What communication challenges do you expect to face over the next 12 months? This isn’t a rhetorical question, by the way. We are genuinely curious and want to hear from you — through emails, social media comments, etc. Please … let us hear it. By doing so, you help us tailor content to issues and needs relevant to you and your teams.

Which of These Communication Challenges Are Most Important to You? Or Is it Something Else… 

  1. Leadership — Do you anticipate leading your team through change in 2024? Are you about to convey bad news? What challenges do you expect to face where your existing communication skills will be front and center? 
  2. Presentation challenges — These are moments in one’s career when setting yourself apart positively is essential.
  3. Influencing others — What do you find most challenging about influencing or motivating people, whether upward in your organization, among your peers, or downward in your organization?
  4. Conflict resolution — This is a topic we hear about more and more in the leadership space. Do you anticipate these communication challenges to be a bigger emphasis in 2024?
  5. Transparency — Many companies start the year going through significant transformational change. Your ability as a leader to create a culture of communicating transparently will surely be put to the test in these situations. 
  6. Inclusive leadership — The workforce is more diverse than ever. How do you intend to include people and give them a voice? Perhaps this is at the top of your communication challenges list for 2024.

As they say, “The phone lines are now open!” We know quite a few people read our blog posts, and we want the topics we discuss to be as relevant to you as possible. We can only ensure that happens if we hear from you. 

The Business World Demands More Effective Communication

Whether you are an organizational leader or an employee working your way up the corporate ladder, overcoming communication challenges successfully depends on how effectively we craft and deliver the right message in the right manner and align it with the right audience. TalkMeUp is an innovative, one-of-a-kind software that profoundly addresses these needs and related shortcomings by leveraging AI for instant measurement, analysis, reporting, tracking, scaling, and more.

Interested in seeing how TalkMeUp could help you improve your persuasive communication skills? Book a time for a brief demonstration.

About the Author
Ron Placone, Ph.D., is an Associate Teaching Professor of Business Management Communication and the Former Faculty Lead and Interim Executive Director for the Accelerate Leadership Center at the Tepper School of Business. Ron teaches a range of communication courses and leadership programs for Tepper students. Ron’s research interests include civility in discourse and fostering individual and team creativity. Previously at Carnegie Mellon, Ron was the Assistant Vice President for Learning & Development. Before joining Carnegie Mellon in 1999, Ron was Vice President and Director of Organizational Development and Communications for Mellon Network Services. Ron has been a consultant, leadership, and communication coach for numerous executives and corporate and not-for-profit organizations. He has consulted in health care, financial services, education, technology, and energy sectors. Ron has a Ph.D. in Rhetoric-English from Carnegie Mellon University.